Who We Are

PT. Motor Generator Spesialis Indonesia (PT. MGSI) is a local consultant company, which is consist of group rotating machines specialists and high skilled engineers.


PT. MGSI established in 2018 according to Notary certificate No. 05/ dated 24 Mei 2018 and Decree of Minister of Law and Human Right No. AHU-0027859.AH.01.01.TAHUN 2018.


Our vision to be industrial preferred partner in rotating machine services. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We ensure a presence as close as possible to our customer to have better understanding to their needs and give tailored solution, since we have comprehensive services. Our professional team, ensure to deliver high quality and fast delivery for every repair work. We are trying to optimize our repair cost, by using cutting edge technology and cooperate with workshop partner close to our customer.


To be industrial preferred partner in their rotating machines services by prioritizing and ensuring our customer satisfaction.


  • Close to customers – to ensure better understand their needs for rotating machines service and offer tailored solution since we have comprehensive services. In order to close to customer, we have cooperated with our partners closed to industrial area and our sales and engineers regularly visit. This cooperation will increase capabilities of our partner and could optimize transportation time and cost.


  • Professional – our sales team could understand our customer problem and give prompt solution. They will process the inquiry to order. After receiving purchase order, our certified engineers will work according to procedures and by using special tools & equipment to deliver high quality works in very short time. Our skilled engineers supervise work at site by our partner and guarantee for work quality.


  • Comprehensive – we have complete tools / equipment, skills for repairing for all types and brands of rotating machines, we can be one stop for solving all rotating machines problem for our customer.


  • Price competitive – our service repair price is competitive due to we are always willing to cooperate with our workshop vendor close to customer in order to minimize our overhead and transportation cost.

Comprehensive services

  • Supply new motor, workshop equipment, rewinding materials
  • Rotating machines technical consultant
  • Troubleshooting and root cause failure analysis
  • Machine Condition Assessment
  • Overhaul /  reconditioning (workshop or onsite)
  • Rewinding (workshop or onsite)
  • Machines installation and commissioning
  • Condition monitoring contract
  • Predictive Maintanance
  • Shaft Laser Alignment
  • Insitu Balancing
  • Vibration Analysis

We are focused on large industries

  •  Mining and Minerals
  • Food and Beverages
  • Chemicals
  • Oil and Gas
  • Metals
  • Power plants

Tools and test equipment

We have standard tools for our engineers and most of testing equipment required to test the machines, such as:

  • Electrical testing equipment
  • Mechanical testing equipment
Test Equipment

Workshop Partners


Xab Industrial Service


Glory Electric

PT. Taka Turbomachinery Indonesia






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